When people begin shopping for jewelry or fine watches, at some point they have a decision to make about the color they want. You could be forgiven if you say you want gold, without qualifying that selection. However, the representative you’re working with may ask a very important question: “What color of gold are you interested in?”

Some people will be confused when this question is asked, though most will have given some thought to the answer. You see, there are three basic choices under the “gold” banner: yellow, white, and rose. These are certainly the most popular, though you may see alloys that look like bronze or have a red hue. There may even be a lime gold available, if that’s the color you’re interested in.

Color and More

The most significant difference in the types of gold is color, of course. That much is obvious. The jewelry or watch you select may have similar value no matter which color you choose. It’s a matter of the style you’re looking for, as well as personal tastes of the person who will be wearing the item. So, it’s very important to select the color you most like when looking at women’s watches.

In recent years, more shoppers have selected rose gold. The final color is determined by the type of metal combined with gold, forming an alloy. Of course, the difference in appearance is also determined by the amounts of gold and other metals used. Manufacturers generally mix copper, silver, nickel, palladium, and zinc to produce the final product.

One important fact you should carry with you as you shop for rose gold watches involves the actual value of the item. That value is not determined by color, but by the purity of gold and the amount of pure gold used. Rose gold, though you may hear it referred to as pink or red, is a mix of pure gold and copper. The history of this color dates back to the 19th century, originating in Russia. It has experienced an interesting resurgence in the 21st century.

You May Wonder

If you’re looking at rose gold watches, you may wonder why this particular style has become so popular in the last few years. One industry observer gives two or three reasons, one of which involves the amount of pure gold used, but this isn’t the major reason. The main reason this expert gives is that the color is flexible, and can be used with a lot of different skin tones and dress colors. In addition, many celebrities have started to wear this color, which makes it more desirable for the non-celebrity.

Discussions about the popularity of women’s watches in rose gold also include the idea of “trends.” At one point, yellow gold was the first choice of most shoppers. This traditional color has been up and down on the “charts” for decades. The same can be said of white gold, which usually has nickel, palladium, and/or silver combined with gold. Whatever your choice, rose gold is in demand at this point.